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“Mortigi Tempo” translates to “I’m not living, just killing time” in Esperanto, a notion that most of us can relate to at some point in our lives. There are those days that slowly trudge on, when you feel like you are stagnant, perpetually stuck. By no mistake of Thom Yorke‘s, there is a Radiohead song called “True Love Waits (Mortigi Tempo).” But Mortigi Tempo are also a band based out of Provo, Utah. Their name is not a coincidence but, instead, a piece of the puzzle that embodies the mold that makes up the totality of the band. Mortigi Tempo draw inspiration from Radiohead on their third release, Memento Mori. Memento Mori is both a tribute to their musical influences and the creativity that is truly all their own.

Mortigi Tempo is a 3 piece rock band from Salt Lake City, UT. Incorporating psycadelic rock, brit-pop, blues, and the greatest rock n' roll from the last 50 years. Featuring a unique duo singing and writing style from raw rock and roll songs, punk, high energy dance, to intimate love and heartbreak songs. Take Radiohead, Pink Floyd, QSOTSA and BRMC and say they had a baby, and you might have something close to us. Maybe.. We love to blend high energy with delicate ambience. 

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