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When I was about 6 years old I would write my own versions of popular songs on the back of church offering envelopes. I would really internalize the words and movement of the songs. My mother, a talented songstress, was the first to recognize-although she would tell me to clean them up-often offering her own suggestions and ideas. I wrote my first rap song in summer camp when I was 9. I couldn't record it because I left early to visit my father's parents in Virginia Beach. My group mate recorded my words and I was able to eventually get a copy of the cassette. When I got to Virginia, I can remember my cousin bopping his head to what I wrote. I didn't realize it then, but that was the beginning of my songwriting career. The 8 hour trips to visit my grandparents twice a year introduced me to The Isley Brothers, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Sade, Toni Braxton, and more. I think I fell in love with RnB/Pop music on those trips. These days I hear music everywhere I go. Sometimes I wake up with words then produce a beat, sometimes I search for a sound that creates a feeling first-then I write the words. I have been pursuing being an artist seriously since 2012. My platform is mainly HipHop infused with soulful melodies but I'm deeply in love with writing Pop and R&B. My mother's side of the family has a respectable legacy in music and they tell me that legacy flows through me as well. Three of my (much older) cousins have worked with legends and their music is still being sampled today. My Grandmother's brother wrote the second most recorded Rock n Roll song in history (Good Morning Little School Girl) although he has not received credit for it. She passed last year and I got the chance to meet my cousin Rudy Love at the funeral in Oklahoma. Recently he invited me to perform with them for a show in his hometown. My biggest musical accomplishments have included having an article on HipHopDX and HotNew HipHip; winning a first place grant; having my whole album played on my city's biggest hip hop station (has never been done, I mean they really played my whole album and interviewed me in-between songs-amazing); and recently I was invited to work with Malcolm Jamal Warner and some other musicians in Atlanta. They loved the very first words I sung during the session and we'll be meeting again soon to finish the track. The road here did not come without bumps and bruises. In 2018, after being sidelined for a year battling severe flu complications, I managed to release a comprehensive collection of unreleased music titled What Dont Kill You. My speech doctor told me I may never sound the same again My throat was my main concern although I battled other side effects through the year. I even had to take unpaid leave from work and medical bills stacked high. It felt good to get some music out in the midst of all that. In 2019 I released the album I had been working on for over three years: Dreaming About Getting Out, available anywhere you stream music. Now residing in Atlanta for three weeks so far, I plan to take my career in songwriting to a whole new level.  

I left Pittsburgh because I felt God was telling me too. The city's support-or maybe even lack there of-was making me complacent and stale. I lost my job in March, finished flipping a house, rented it out, moved in with my parents for a month, then came to Atlanta as soon as I found a place. Currently the downpayment rent money is how I've survived but I'm looking for a part time job. I have yet to reach my goals of being influential in the music industry. I want to write the song that grows an artist's fanbase, diversifies their catalogue, and most importantly one that touches the hearts of music lovers long after we are both gone.  My few friends and family who support me one hundred percent would describe me as hilarious, charismatic, very bright, and destined to thrive making music. My biggest struggle is getting other people to notice. It's funny how, a guy who was a main character on the most popular show in the world for eight years saw my video posted on a blog that has less followers as me, and reached out to acknowledge it. I didn't even know his new show filmed in Atlanta when I moved here and now we have linked up and he is helping me grow a network. I will continue to write my words down just like I did as a six year old on the back of offering envelopes at church, except now I can record and produce for myself from my bedroom. Regardless of recognition, current progress and status, etc., I will never give up on what God placed in my heart. I am confident that I will one day write a hit song, I don't know how it will happen or when, I just know that it is in me. 

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