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High Energy in Lincoln, California

We're a high energy Indie Rock band from Sacramento California, formed in 2014. Our music is driven by garage rock and bluesy punk, with a focus on captivating vocal melodies and face melting guitar riffs. Our debut EP, Peach Fuzz (2017) was released in June of this year initiating our first tour. We have played some pretty cool events and venues like Sacramento's The Boardwalk, Solano Stroll in Berkeley, 2017 California State Fair, Whiskey A Go-Go in Los Angeles and Kelly's Olympian in Portland. We get alot of ideas from bands we like such as Twin Peaks, The Black Keys and The Beatles.
Like candle wax melting in your brain.

Flight Mongoose is:

Trevor Carman (Vocals/Guitar) 

Parker Hill (Vocals/Guitar)

Carlos Sanchez (Vocals/Bass)

Leo Calderon (Drums)

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