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aka 'DOAA'

Discovery of an Afterlife, aka ‘DoaA’, is an emo-core rock band from Phoenix, Arizona, officially founded on August 20, 2015. The band was started by guitarist and songwriter Leon Valdez with the help of singer and lyricist Jonathan Brophy. The two met after Valdez replied to an online advertisement that Brophy had posted looking to start a band. Valdez had lived in the Phoenix area for much of his life and was ready to get back into playing music; Brophy had recently moved from California to start a career in the music festival industry. 

When they originally met, the two immediately hit it off and spent hours in a local pizza shop talking about music and what kind of band they wanted to create. Both were heavily influenced by many different genres under the broad spectrum of rock; including pop punk, emo, metal, alternative and everything in between. They wanted to incorporate all these genres into their music, but didn’t want to have to be married to just one style. Furthermore, growing up, the two had both been social misfits and wanted to create a community free of judgement and arbitrary standards. They wanted to create a band where they could just have fun playing music; something that was more than themselves.

DOAA is:

Lead Singer / Lyricist - Jonathan Brophy

Rhythm Guitarist - Leon Valdez

Lead Guitarist - Jayne Clark

Bassist -  Dan Adams

Drummer / Producer - Josh Kneisler

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